Sports Operations

If you like numbers and you like sport then this is a great place to work

If you also like betting then it’s an unbelievable place to work.

We’re responsible for our customers being able to do what they love doing; betting.

The great prices that they’re offered, the different ways they can bet with us and how we can give them the best experience out there. Just like our website, what really sets us apart is the uniqueness of the questions that we look to answer every day, questions such as:

  • How do we best harness the power of the world’s busiest betting Exchange alongside our Sportsbook?
  • How can we engage our customers with new and exciting ways to enjoy the Sports they like betting on?
  • What did the data say about that?
  • Is there a better way to do this? What if we…

If you’re smart, talented and spend your time thinking about the chances of Murray beating Djokovic, Rory McIlroy winning the Masters or Arsenal to win the Premier League then Betfair could be the perfect fit for you. None of this separates us from our competitors but there is plenty that does:

  • We actually care about your career and your development We ask you where you want to go and help you get there
  • We expect you to fail sometimes and will support you
  • We hand you responsibility and the chance to make a difference
  • We have FANTASTIC people who want to help each other to be their best
  • If you can justify it, we’ll let you do it

We have teams dedicated to Football, Racing and one for everything else. They’re supported by a team of assistants and two analytical teams. We’re not happy unless everyone is contributing to the way we do things and we really do care what you think that we need to do next.