Customer Experience


Whether that’s ensuring easy to use and varied payment options, keeping genuine customers protected from fraud, or dealing directly with account holders, our customer’s experience with Betfair is always our first priority.

There are a large number of roles that Customer Experience (CX for short) plays within Betfair, from optimisation and efficiency savings, contract re-negotiations with third parties and locating and accessing potential new partners. Through our industry knowledge and with customer feedback we continually look to improve our processes, people and systems to create the best service for our customers.

Whether a novice to the betting industry or an aficionado, if you have the skillset and enthusiasm to bring improvements to Betfair, you will be welcomed, supported and developed throughout your time in CX.

Betfair CX is the place where we ask “so what is the impact on the customer?” A fast paced and forever evolving environment, we question and we are heard. You’ll find us right in the centre of everything Betfair is doing, from product launches to design ideas. We have a voice, in order to serve and support our customers.

We’ve organised ourselves into teams that work together to help contribute to common commercial goals, including Online payment, VIP Management, Financial Risk Management, Customer Service and CX Development.

We’re also an international bunch and you can find us in London, Dublin, Gibraltar, Malta or Stevenage. We approach all major sporting (and social) events with an all hands to the pump attitude – we understand that everything we do has an impact on the wider business, and we constantly focus on how our products and services are being used by our customers.