Betfair’s office in Italy is located in the historical centre of Milan, in the beautiful surroundings of s. Ambrogio square

Betfair Italia is now on its 8th birthday and  has grown so much since then: markets, technologies, ideas, people and… betting exchange of which we are so proud. Working in Betfair is a daily excellent experience that could be summarised in three words: growth, family and team.

Growth as you will have the opportunity every day to save something new you have learned. Family as you always share something, difficulties and success.

Team as you will work using your passion and strength but it will be in a group atmosphere of collaboration.

So, if this is inspiring for you, which we hope it is, then Betfair Italia is the right place to take your next work challenge!


Via Giosué Carducci,
36 20123 Milano

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